Clarifier and Tank Covers

Retractable Covers control Odours, improve Clarifier Tank Access

Odour control is a natural advantage of adding a cover, since a cover helps to contain the biological gases like hydrogen sulphide that comes off the water as it moves through the clarifier, as well as ozone. This reduces the unpleasant "sewer plant" smell and lifts the reputation in the neighbourhood of the plant.

Merdec ME-Cover is made of special fabric material that act as a barrier to keep off harmful gases from passing through. Since these covers are exposed to the sun, they are also equipped with advanced UV inhibitors. They incorporate a specialised weave design that provides maximum strength-to-weight ratios. They are resistant to a wide range of chemicals and offer good dimensional stability under high loads and temperature variations.

Merdec ME Clarifier and Tank Covers are custom designed as per site requirements. Each cover is custom designed for local wind, rain and snowfall conditions. Operator friendly design enables the operator to conduct routine inspections, and O&M activities smoothly. Both, auto and manual operation are available.


Affordable Solution for Every Application

Whether your requirement is to cover clarifier tank, storage tank, process water tank, trickling filter or sludge tank, we can design the perfect system for your steel or concrete tanks. Built with stainless steel material and a U.V. resistant canvas materials results in long term performance with an excellent ROI.

  • Extremely durable, virtually no maintenance
  • Custom-designed, easy installation
  • Easy to operate, manual or auto functions

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