Let the numbers speak for us:

30+ years

Experience in Chain & Flight type Sludge and Scum Collectors


Combined Industry Expertise in Cleantech Configurations


80+ Countries

Established Partners and Clients Across the Globe


Professional in Innovative Technologies

With professional experience ranging from designing, manufacturing, marketing and implementing of cleantech products and solutions, Merdec Oy has highly qualified and experienced professionals who are ready to assist you as you seek to address your cleantech infrastructure needs. Read More





With decades of experience in Chain & Flight Sludge removal system designing, engineering and marketing.



Merdec has invented and developed a new magnificent modular based deck system called Merdec Modular Terrace Concept.



Merdec is committed to superior craftsmanship and using the latest innovations to maximize your hot tub experience.


Home-hot tub

At Merdec, will bring alive all your ideas without any technical skills required from your part.


3d design

Inspired by


Over three decades ago, we started with a vision to create innovative cleantech solutions for a variety of applications in water and wastewater treatment. We believe that expert product knowledge and top-notch technology are crucial to for staying at the cutting edge of business… Read More


Inspires Us


Merdec Oy strive to be resourceful, creative and dependable business partner to our valuable customers worldwide.