The information of your own based technocracy started to mode regarding very early ages since the cybernetics and you will expertise concept

Whether an income person, inanimate target or structure, all of them are measured using the same worthy of, the potential this should generate certain setting out-of creation, monetary inductance or energy tips

It was this new shared mission getting complete spectrum control over people while the social, today they just had to figure out how they will slowly incorporate one to for the society by making alter that could be socially designed in manners acceptable into the people.

Electromagnetic tools and you can agents dependent hereditary systems was applied having good a number of stealth physiological warfare programs that have been very first set-up getting the intention of targeting civilians once World war ii, in the event that armed forces administration and you will cleverness neighborhood into the The united kingdomt found that this type of same energy weapons utilized during the conflict could be accompanied to have societal technologies and you will starting residential terrorism.

The entire automation away from community from the implementation of personal systems and electromagnetic attention manage measures was basically acknowledged by new Controllers as the the easiest way to keep their lingering control over brand new planetary tips, and you will proceeded monopolization more than wide range, advice and you can fuel, therefore the brand new lingering subjugation of the greater part of the global people. If the item will not build, it’s ineffective.

To your advancement of one’s Maser (microwave amplification stimulated emission regarding radiation) unit within Columbia College or university when you look at the 1953, next season this invisible microwave oven technical are coopted into the upcoming hereditary and you can public systems agendas of one’s Controllers. The fresh new Maser innovation later on progressed into the main-stream entry to lasers through the most recent society. The difference between an effective laserlight and you can a good maser is the fact that photon away from a great laserlight will come in the form of apparent light, when you’re good photon regarding an effective maser is available in the type of a nonvisible microwave oven.

The power Professional noticed that towards the advancement of technical and you will pointers are generated even more open to individuals, the people carry out get access to this information as well as in good pair age that may probably topple its empires. For this reason, they had so you can action it up and you can concluded that the complete spectrum domination would revolve within the went on development of weaponizing undetectable state-of-the-art technical and resource ideas on nonvisible opportunity sciences.

They will exploit such nonvisible development, eg microwave time firearms, private obtain and keep her or him miracle off public evaluate and you may analysis. On the other hand, they will on purpose foolish down the populace so you can childlike comprehension accounts, manage the country by the use of invisible financial weapons, decreasing the movement from personal opportunity on remaining portion of the undesirables and that carry out next intensify wide range inequality, business slavery, disease and you may genocide.

Because of the fresh new invisible acquisition of this invisible microwave energy technology hence not everyone during the time might actually realize, the power Professional with confidence proclaimed the hushed energy combat against the internationally population

From inside the yearly Operator fulfilling for the 1954, that have unlimited availability as the fundamental beneficiaries to cultivate such invisible opportunity technologies given that computerized guns contrary to the public, this new classification towards silent opportunity combat against humankind is actually distributed to those bloodline families having seats at table.

New agenda to evolve the brand new all-natural person opportunity community and peoples DNA manage are present from the advent of cybernetic concepts and you may bio-technology, which included the new hereditary modification of your own eating also provide. Of the tampering that use a link have and you can altering the meals that individuals eat, which not simply impacted the health and health, but changed how the attention you can expect to processes suggestions.

Now it schedule gets new access point towards dispersion out-of of a lot hidden intelligence functions produced given that hereditary and you will mind handle tests contrary to the social versus their awareness otherwise concur, particularly Enterprise Mockingbird and MKUltra.

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