Inspired by Merdec

Merdec Oy differentiates itself from its competition through constant technical innovations, sophisticated technologies, product creation & 3D designing, compliance help for ISO 9001 and consulting services, offering high-end reliable, cost-effective solutions and configurations to its customers.

As technologies continue to evolve, Merdec Oy evolves. Innovation inspires us. We remain at the forefront utilising new methods to improve environmental compliance, reduce project risk, and provide our clients the ability to foresee and adapt business to environmental and regulatory change. We study challenges and design solutions. Continuous improvement, our “in-the-field” experience, and our intense involvement in the industries we serve help us deliver smart and practical solutions that work.

Merdec Oy has always been grounded in a unique spirit of innovation and an ambitious product creation policy. The effectiveness of this strategy can be seen in all of our products and services.

Being an organization committed to team work and always seeking client’s satisfaction, Merdec Oy strives to be resourceful, creative and dependable business partner to our valuable customers worldwide.


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